Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Choosing to Matter Again

One of the most frequent questions that schools ask is, how can we provide meaning to the work that our students do in school?  

How can we make the work and the learning that happens in our schools engaging and personally meaningful? How can we tap into our student's passions and creativity? How can we give kids opportunities to work towards solving authentic "real world" problems with "21st Century" skills?

Students at East Greenwich High School will find out once again on November 23rd and 24th when Angela Maiers will return to EGHS with her Choose2Matter team. On those two days, EGHS will be providing students with opportunities to work autonomously with expert mentors and decision makers to initiate organizations and projects centered on empowering them to make positive changes to their sphere of influence locally, nationally worldwide.

In order to move beyond theoretical constructs, we bring in leaders, experts and decision makers from the community, the state and the country to act as sounding boards, facilitators, mentors and partners as our student’s and educator’s projects move from the realm of thought to action.  

Over those two days, we will also thoroughly demonstrate the East Greenwich High School Mission in that process:

Our Mission: EGHS exists to EMPOWER.

We Engage
We Motivate
We Personalize
We Open doors
We Wonder
We Evolve
We Reflect

We, the EGHS community, strive to empower all members to achieve their full potential as learners, thinkers, and responsible global citizens. We are devoted to taking risks in order to inspire learning and discover passions.

Choose2Matter demands and builds upon a set of 21st Century success skills that are stoked by what students are passionate about. Skills, habits, and traits that will be exercised and developed include: 

Critical Thinking, 
Problem Solving, 
Team Building/Management, 
Time Management, 
Entrepreneurial Know-how, 
Open Mindset, 
Local/Global Awareness, 
Media Literacy, 
Financial Literacy, and 
Communication Skills.

Students will have opportunities to present their ideas to worldwide audiences, and will be recognized by international and business leaders, civic and industry partners.

In planning this experience for a November date, we hope to use the remainder of the school year to find more opportunities for our students to learn autonomously, to build and develop projects and organizations and products of personal significance.  

As you might imagine, an event of this magnitude requires a great deal of mentorship and facilitation. If you or someone you know has expertise, experience or interest in any of the following areas and would like to volunteer, we would greatly appreciate your involvement.

The areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Human Rights/Social Justice
  • Government, Public Service and Law
  • Education
  • Economics and Business
  • Environmental/Animal/Ecosystem Concerns
  • Medical and Scientific Issues

At our last C2M event during the 2013-14 school year, we had 47 community members working closely with faculty and students to make positive changes in the community, the state and the world.  

Here are some links with information about the event (and a list of the mentors from the previous C2M event in the first link) and press surrounding the event and outcomes:

My blog post just prior to our 2014 Choose2Matter experience (includes mentor listing).
Choose2Matter EGHS as seen through social media.
Just one of many outcomes that came from the EGHS C2M experience

If you would like to volunteer for one or both days, please use this form to sign up and we will contact you with more details as the event is planned.  If you can be available by teleconference we would still very much appreciate your contribution. Please indicate this on the form if this is your preference.

Thank you for your potential investment of time and expertise in our students.
As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Timothy S. Chace
Assistant Principal
East Greenwich High School


(401) 398-1300

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  1. I am counting the days!!!! I can't wait to learn and lead with you all again! #YOUMATTER