Monday, January 13, 2014

Will YOU Choose2Matter For Our Kids?

I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to support a national social-entrepreneurship and educational experience called Choose2Matter, which will take place at East Greenwich High School on February 13th and 14th, 2014. 

For two days, the entire study body will work in tandem with national, state, and local industry and civic leaders to develop innovative solutions to bring about social change--on a local, national and/or global level.  

Five-hundred-million young people will enter the workforce over the next decade. We need to begin now to nurture this next generation of entrepreneurs and social-change agents through relevant work that is not typically integrated in traditional school experiences and curriculum.

Choose2Matter demands and builds a different set of skills than what students typically learn in school. Skills, habits, and traits that will be exercised and developed include: 

  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Persistence
  • Team building and management
  • Time management
  • Entrepreneurial know-how
  • Collaboration
  • Open Mindset
  • Local/Global Awareness
  • Media Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Communication Skills

Here's a great video that provides a nice overview of the Choose2Matter program and the thoughts and opinions of some of the people involved in the program.

Additionally, one of the questions that I have been asked is if I really believe that our kids will "change the world" in two days....  here are some examples of nine kids who have... and I have no doubt that with the amazing amount of talent, commitment and resources in our student, faculty and community populations- we can absolutely do that.

Students will also benefit from an online library of content resources and “live” experts as they solve problems. Moreover, students will present their ideas to audiences outside of the classroom, and will be recognized by their civic and industry partners.  I encourage you to review my recent blog for more details on the scope and objectives of this experience.

As part of the goal to sustain this project venture, the Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship program of Brown University will mentor our students, an arrangement we expect to replicate with additional partners, including the nationally-renowned Business Innovation Factory.

As you might imagine, an event of this magnitude requires a great deal of mentorship and facilitation. If you or someone you know has expertise, experience or interest in any of the following areas and would like to volunteer, we would welcome your involvement.

 The areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Human Rights/Social Justice
  • Government, Public Service and Law
  • Education
  • Economics and Business
  • Environmental/Animal/Ecosystem Concerns
  • Medical and Scientific Issues

If you would like to volunteer for one or both days, please use this form to sign up and we will contact you with more details as the event is planned. 

If you can be available by teleconference we would still very much appreciate your contribution. Please indicate this on the form if this is your preference.

Thank you for your potential investment in our students.
As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Timothy S. Chace
Assistant Principal
East Greenwich High School
(401) 398-1300

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