Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unleashing Our Collective Genius (Part 3)

Tomorrow is our first "Genius Hour" Professional Development Day at EGHS... here is the schedule that was distributed to our teachers:

We, the East Greenwich High School community, live our values:

Respect: Be considerate of others' ideas and opinions while maintaining personal integrity and self- confidence.

Creativity and Innovation: Embrace flexibility and individuality when explaining and demonstrating knowledge and skills.

Relevance: Link concepts across subjects and make connections to today's global society.

Enthusiasm: Generate excitement and curiosity about learning.

Achievement: Work vigorously to obtain knowledge and skills measured against the highest standards.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to these values in support of our mission.

8:00-10:00 Playdate with Technology: Come ready to share, ask, explore, and most importantly; play with technology tools.

8:00 Introduction (Podraza)

8:05-8:20 Technology “Throwdown”
Individuals come to the front of cafe to share a new tech tool. Participants have 2 minutes to tell:
  • What it is.
  • What it does.
  • How you envision its use in Education or how you are using it
8:20-10:00 Individuals go to play areas to play (don’t need to stay in 1 area)
  • Google tools
  • Schoology
  • iPads
  • Chromebooks
  • Other
10:00-12:00 Department Time 

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30-2:00 AM CPT/Genius Hour/Passion Projects

2:00-3:00 Faculty Meeting to follow… further extension of Genius Hour.  

At 10:00 this morning, I followed up with a spreadsheet that organizes the different ideas and groupings that will be utilizing their genius during our Professional Development days, during our weekly CPT time and potentially during duty times as well in the future to support our learning. This is the message that was sent to the teachers, along with a link to our spreadsheet.
I've shared an item with you.
As of this morning, here is the information that I have compiled related to our Genius groups that will be used during PD time, AM CPTs, etc. Please feel free to edit, update, add your name to groups as is appropriate. Particularly do so with room numbers, as this will be important for others who may want to join or help you with your projects/ideas. If/When you complete something, please indicate that in the right column and please add any new ideas, activities, groups, etc to the document. This is designed to be a living document, and shared with others who may be considering how to change the way they deliver PD in their schools. 

We are on the cutting edge of something great. Please let me know how I can help/assist/improve the experience and your learning.
SpreadsheetGenius Hour Activities
I could not be more excited about the possibilities. I will continue to blog about this process as we move forward. Also, I will be asking teachers to live Tweet during the course of the day using the hashtag #EGHSPD.

Something amazing is happening here... stay tuned.

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