Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You Only Die Once...

The phrase "You only live once" is obviously a lie. You live every single day, but you only die once. 

With that in mind, why not do some good things for yourself and for other people before then? Tell people that you love them, make an effort be kind to others, do someone a favor, be generous with your time and with other things that the people who you care about might need. Let someone know that they matter to you every single day.

As a principal and a leader I make an attempt to take notice of the good things that the people who I am fortunate enough to work with do every day for one another, for kids and for the community. I try to let at least one person every day know that "You matter" and the things that they do don't go unnoticed and are appreciated. I do that mostly in person, but also through a Google Form that I created that allows all of our faculty to do the same.  Since the debut on April 1st, in a building with a faculty of about 90 people, almost 300 messages have gone out to people telling them that "they matter" to someone else. 

It's a simple thing to do, really. It only takes a minute.  But it really can change another person's whole day, or even whole perspective. I have seen it first hand.  And felt it personally.

How do you let the people who you admire, like, respect or love know that they matter to you?  

And if you aren't doing that, why aren't you?  

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Jim Rohn

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