Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time to Practice What I Preach....

I have been working with teachers and kids about creating and maintaining a "digital footprint" for some time now. Ultimately, as I told my niece who will be a senior at URI in September and beginning her student teaching as a 2nd Grade teacher (you would be wise to hire her after that, she is going to be a superstar), I can see in 3-5 years that the resume will be almost obsolete for educators (and probably lots of other professions as well)

Why will resumes matter less than what you put out there digitally?

1. Teachers are getting hired because they have LESS experience now (they are cheaper) in most districts, so a long resume may be an anachronism now.

2. As someone who hires multiple people every year... What I want to see is a vision of who you are, what you are all about- what you think/feel/believe/are passionate about and how you express those things over time. What you believe about your profession, about learning and about kids.  And ideally, I want to see that developing and evolving over time.

The internet allows you to put yourself out there in ways no other media can.  To share, to speak out, to help others, to question, to look for support, to develop and to be part of a larger community.  Today I will begin to do that more vigorously with this blog.

I won't promise to change anyone's life but my own... but maybe I can give you something to think about, make you feel something, give you an idea, a shout out, a pat on the back or just share what I am thinking/feeling/wondering about.

Here we go.... No more Paper Chace.

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